Benefits Of Learning Organization

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From the whole structure we have done,the technology and mission are very important to seize the opportunity and make better use of the challenges of the elements to make a better learning organization. We have compared the learning organization and non-learning organization to take the conclusion that it's really necessary for Alibaba to take the effective strategy of the learning organizati n and make it much more adapted to the new business area. The inner management of the paradigm in Alibaba could take the cross model of the learning organization to connect with employee satisfaction, communication, and team culture.
6.1The benefits of learning organization By using the learning organization model,it's much better to create the productive
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It has a good management and control through the genders,ages,managerial behavior,employee teamwork so that it could enable managers to act in a fair and continuous improvement. The leadership considers in a changing environment with different culture,language,politics,economy to create competitive advantage and market share.
. The research is undertaken in the organizational behavior.It is a sustainable way to create the appropriate organizational structure and cooperate vale style in the whole organization for the openness and transparency so that it take the opportunities to satisfy the employee's demand and better pay for the performance with internship skills . For the customer, it is a supported strategy to take a marketing test and make a practical model to adhere for the customers' real needs to attract consuming and participation with the good organizational process and personal motivation. For the structure and strategy of the whole pattern, it is also a good way to provide the training programs for the employees and managers to construct organizational values and
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As we mentioned in the text of theory part, the personal level is the creation of continuous learning opportunities and the promotion of enquirer to require individual curiosity,a positive attitude of innovation and creativity. And also get the effect on good learners that are motivated to pursue good opportunities of Alibaba and e-commerce.
From the global level,the collaboration and connection of the learning organization are the motivation to expand the international area that could get the good reputation for the good quality of product and sustainable supply chain. In the global environment, it also has the language and cultural barrier to take the financial risk of the international business,that's why Alibaba could involve in the global market to expand the new area and launch the new business to make the profit. Another aspect is to make the trade partner connections with the corporate organization and this successfully combines the learning organization and E-commerce online shopping to connect the buyers and sellers together to bring them to a much more wealthy
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