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Birth, the most important item in our human lives, is the fundamental reason that we could exist on the earth and experience all the spectacles. Philosophically, one can begin with the question: “What is the purpose of life?” There is no standard answers, but what we all noticed is no one want to die except particular reasons. Humans are the source of value and process of valuation. Therefore, “Life is meaningful” to lots of people is due to the things what they valued are meaningful and they want to live hundreds or thousands of years to see the fascinating future. That is why scientists nowadays are struggling design for the life extension technology which is a method always full of different perspectives. This paper will mainly explain the…show more content…
It is the research and application of slowing down the aging process through medicine and other technologies. Therefore, it “concerns all attempts to promote health and quality of life, to slow or "reprogram" the process of biological aging, to augment our natural self-repair and immune systems, to cybernetic-ally "upgrade" the human body, and possibly in the distant future to allow a human being to transcend natural biology.” [1] Typically, there are two subgroups in life extension. One is called “Strong Life Extension”, which is an increase in life expectancy and life span. The other one is called “Weak Life Extension”, which is an increase in life expectancy while life span does not change. The terms “life expectancy” and “life span” describe two distinctly different things, although people tend to use them interchangeably. Life expectancy refers to “the number of years a person is expected to live, based on the statistical average” whereas the definition of Life span is “the maximum number of years that a person can potentially expect to live based on the greatest number of years anyone from the same data set has lived”.[2] In addition, the ideas, concepts and theories of prolonged life scale have been proposed for a long time. For instance, the traditional Chinese medicine that named Camellia Tea has a specific function. The various potions and remedies in Camellia Tea could be used to cures ailments such as pains, depressions and to prolong one’s

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