Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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Practicing a healthy lifestyle has become a necessity for some people in our society. Medias such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and Internet have promoted and encouraged people in our society to live a healthy lifestyle. Social media is one of the most used medias to promote this. Many individuals have taken some physically fit photographs of themselves and uploaded them on social media. Before one starts to practice this type of lifestyle, understanding the concept of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of practicing it is essential in order for one to persist on living this type of lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that focuses on improving emotional as well as physical health. The emotional and physical aspects of a healthy lifestyle correspond to each other. This means that people who live a healthy lifestyle mostly have positive emotions and physically fit, and vice versa. According to Professor David Goldberg from Institute of Psychiatry, London, “depression and chronic physical illness are in reciprocal relationship with one another: not only do many chronic illnesses cause higher rates of depression, but also depression has been shown to antedate some chronic physical illnesses” (Collingwood, 2010). As mentioned above, living a healthy lifestyle can help one to have a good emotional health. There are many characteristics of someone who has a good emotional health. First is having the ability to cope with stress. A fair amount of

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