Benefits Of Lowering The Voting Age

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Many people believe 16-17 year olds are too young to vote, but they already have tons of responsibilities, they should be able to vote as well. The voting age should be lowered to 16 because it will benefit them in many ways such as them being able to speak their minds, it’s more democratic, and it will give politicians a reason to respect young people. First, lowering the voting age will give teens the right to speak their minds. They will have a say in who they think should win an election, as well as everyone else. According to one professional, “This is a way to get young people actually excited”(Alcindor). Lowering the voting age will get teens more politically involved and they will get a better understanding of the world around them. According to another professional, “Young people will become politically active in their teens and remain active for a lifetime”(Mandell 16). In addition to this, teens will benefit from the voting age being lowered, by being able to speak their minds and being politically involved.…show more content…
Many have jobs and other responsibilities, but are not politically involved. According to a professional, “16 is a better age for gaining the knowledge needed”(Williams). Therefore, lowering the voting age to 16 can get teens politically prepared. Finally, by lowering the voting age, it will give politicians a reason to respect the desires of teens. If teens are able to vote as well, politicians will get more votes, which will lead to them having more respect towards teens. “What could go wrong if 16 year olds could vote”(Bradey)? Teens and everyone else will benefit from the voting age being
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