Benefits Of Masturbation

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Why masturbation is good for you Do you wonder why dirty jokes always funny? If you notice that a comedy show or another entertainment show or conversation in daily life, you will find that a dirty joke always is a topic. Especially, the topic about sexual. If you want to find out the question why people always talk dirty jokes about the sexual , you must answer the question that what make the human race existing first. The answer is a reproduction. As a human being, To have sex is a normal thing for us and another kind of animal to reproduce a new generation for keep that race forever long. For instance, one of my literature teacher,her name is Pattarapon Pukleard, she said that human life is mortal but the human race is immortal because when…show more content…
The advantages of masturbation make our body balance and healthy, prevent you from cancer, sleep well or etc. The researcher believes that masturbation still is the best solution for all mankind. Although, masturbation has some affect that can happen too. Everything in this world always has to side same a coin. It deepened on your belief. Tammy M. Fontana claimed the following One thing that is important to note is that human beings are meaning making animals. Nothing inherantantly has meaning, it is neutral. Human beings give things meaning. Meaning making is shaped and influenced by religion, family, culture, government, education, gender and life experience. So sex has no single universal truth meaning. It varies highly for each person and sometimes each time a person engages in sex. It's important to be mindful of this when trying to talk about sex or masturbation with your partner. The research strongly belief that no save way than this way to enjoin them or avoid the risk of STD. Masturbation is the best way for
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