Benefits Of Medicaid

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Medicaid is a health insurance that covers people who are below the poverty line or just have limited incomes. It is funded by both the Federal Government and all fifty states. Medicaid coverage varies for each of the fifty states but there are mandatory benefits that all the states have to offer. Medicaid covers low income families and those below the poverty line. However each of the fifty states varies standards of eligibility. Elderly folks sixty five and over are among those covered under Medicaid. If you are disabled or just legally blind then you can qualify for Medicaid. Children who are six and younger are qualified as well as people who receive SSI. Taxes are just one of the ways that pays for Medicaid. The Federal Government pays for part of it (their portion is called FMAP) but the states pay for the rest of it. How much each party pays is different each year the most that the Federal government pays is 60%. States get the funds needed from taxes such as sales tax, personal or cooperate income taxes.…show more content…
Medicaid Inpatient hospital services, Laboratory X-ray services are just some of the a fore mentioned benefits. Benefits that states are not required Prescription

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