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Many migrants across the globe prefer migrating to Canada. They choose Canada for permanent designation purposes. Canada is considered to be the perfect place and comes in the top in the list of immigration destination. People consider going there as they find various benefits in migrating to Canada. Due to these benefits, they prefer migrating there rather than some other destination. This young country is also known as “immigrant’s paradise”. This is because everyone thinks of migrating to this land. This land has various welcoming features to the immigrants. The government of Canada provides a good support and facilities to the approaching immigrants and provide support for permanent residence status. Almost everyone now days land up finding their relatives or acquaintances in Canada. Thus, it is very rare that people may feel like they are strangers when they visit the country. People get the benefits of immigrating to the welcoming land of Canada with the help of authorised immigration representatives of Canada.
Canada is said to have a welcoming land because of its geographical features, abundant of utilizable resources, well-paid job
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In this system, there are various courses administered to the people who have lost their jobs or the people who want to have a fresh start in some other field. These courses help the people get trained and find a job quickly for survival. World class schooling is supply free of cost and has notable subsidized university education. The students don’t even have to take loans for higher studies and can gain good educations leading to high paying appointments. Thus with such a good living option, people seek for permanent residence options. In addition to these benefits, the government ensures peace of mind as well as good security options such as pension to the senior citizens or other benefits after

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