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Selina Raymond Mrs. Hildebrand English 102 9 February 2018 Benefits of Having Millennials in the Workplace What words come to mind when you hear millennial? Many people would say lazy, narcissistic, and entitled. Millennials have had many challenges over the years, it seems as though every credible well-known figure has said something pessimistic about the generation. The reputation millennials have makes people question whether or not they are going to help improve their businesses. While millennials are starting to get more prominent in the workplace, it is causing the older generations to become uneasy. Though, many people do believe most millennials are lazy, narcissistic, and entitled the population is beginning to have a new outlook…show more content…
Being invested in a business not only benefits the business it also benefits the employee. According to “Why You Should Be Hiring Millennials” claims, “According to the study, Millennials are highly ambitious, with a majority placing importance on jobs with chances for career progression and personal growth” (Miller). The amount of time the employee invests into the job demonstrations the work ethic the employee has to offer, which can protect the employee from being unemployed and is satisfied by the personal success and growth one may achieve from the time being invested. The investment millennials offer show how valuable they are in the workplace as well. “What Millennials Want from a New Job,” “However, millennials place a greater emphasis on opportunities to lean and grow and opportunites for advancement” (Rigoni et al.). A person who is willing to invest in a job is eager to know their strengths and weaknesses and is willing to improve. Not only are they willing to improve, they are also willing to continue to develop more on the skills they already have increasing their value. Their eagerness to improve and develop their strength and weaknesses displays millennials potential to be excellent. According to “Why Millennial Workers Aren’t As Useless As You Thought” states, “Millennials are well known for prioritizing value and meaning in their work over money, and that’s an…show more content…
Working well with colleagues can be very beneficial in enhancing productivity. When working as a team, tasks can be completed faster and efficiently, which increases productivity tremendously. Having a strong team can create support system in the work environment. The article “11 Key Business Benefits of Team Collaboration” claims, “Widespread collaboration leads to fully engaged workers eager to take on new projects, and who embrace change not as another burden but as a challenge that will take them to the next level (Valdellon). Working well with one another can allow employees to confide in each other for confidence or guidance in a difficult situation. If an employee is stressed and alone it may lead to bad decision that can affect the company. Technology is not the only factor with creating creativity; teamwork is a big factor as well. “11 Key Business Benefits of Team Collaboration,” “With proactive teamwork enriching the corporate culture, workers need fewer meetings as they accomplish their tasks and use tools to document work progress or delegate work yet to be done” (Valdellon). Two people are better than one especially when discussing new innovations being made. Not only does talking to someone help form new ideas, it also gives people confidence to say out of the box ideas they normally would not. Strong relationships in the work environment also aids in better

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