Benefits Of Mobile Technology In Education

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Introduction Mobile devices have become a front runner for human-computer interactions in our everyday lives that has made the transition into education. This mobile computing involves mobile communication, hardware, and software that is presented through a smartphone, tablet, or other device that can be used on the go. The ease of access to mobile devices has boosted its place in education, but it comes with its challenges and advantages. Challenges Interruptions Interruptions can become a disadvantage if the WiFi is not stable and/or cellular network is spotty. Another issue that arises with cellular network is the cost, many times plans for internet can become very costly, and the more you use it the more the connect will slow down. Being…show more content…
In the article 5 Effective Uses of Mobile Technology in the Classroom, research has shown that mobile technology is growing, but many are only using it to increase efficiency and not effectiveness. Daniel Adeboye lists five effectives uses, “the more creative and innovative we get, the more results we’’ll see with using technology in class” (Adeboye, 2016). By creating a learning environment that produces effectiveness over efficiency, we will foster growth and real results in mobile…show more content…
Having all the features of a phone, plus social networking, and so much more makes it a choice that many head towards in their busy lifestyles. Learner’s are more knowledgeable than ever in the use of these different technologies, yet when they use a desktop or laptop they are more apprehensive. They see desktops/laptop meant solely for the purpose of work/learning. The don’t view their smartphones/tablets through the same lens, and become more eager to learn. Opinion From the previous sections mobile learning has its challenges and advantages in education. I find that overall if implemented correctly mobile learning could pave the way education is heading. Personalized Education Mobile devices in education allows for customization of content for each individual students. This feature could prove to be highly effective for educators/districts who have a classroom of diverse students, and a variety of backgrounds and interests. Technology is tied into learners everyday lives, this would be another tool at their fingertips to ensure success. Empowerment With access to mobile learning and technologies it helps increase students connectivity and access to information that many did not have access to before. The impact of availability can change the course of a learners life. As Sir Francis Bacon stated, "ipsa scientia potestas est" ('knowledge itself

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