Benefits Of Mother Tongue Essay

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Educational research worldwide and in Hong Kong has shown that students learn better through their mother tongue. The educational benefits of mother-tongue teaching include Mother-tongue teaching has positive effects on students' learning. Most students prefer learning in the mother tongue. Students learning in the mother tongue generally perform better than their counterparts using English as medium of instruction (MOI); and Students of traditional Chinese medium schools consistently achieve a higher pass percentage than the territory-wide average in both Chinese Language and English Language in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. This shows the positive impact of mother-tongue It is therefore Government's .and English as…show more content…
The teacher and/or the students fail to observe the distinctions between equivalence of form, semantic equivalence, and pragmatic features and thus oversimplify to the point of using crude and inaccurate translation.
Students speak to the teacher in the mother tongue as a matter of course even when they are quite capable of expressing what they mean in the target language.
Students fail to realize that during many activities in the classroom it is essential that they use only English.
Teaching English in the classroom
This part is based on alliwell s perception of teaching English to pupils. Halliwell suggests that foreign language speakers have been taking risk in using the foreign language while operating on partial information. It is not important that we do not understand everything that has been said to us, but that we are able to guess the bids as if we do understand everything .However, in the foreign language classroom teachers tend to check every word of English, they also say one sentence in English and then translate it into the mother

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