Benefits Of Multicultural Education

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Multicultural education talk about put on many forms of different learning styles and methods to influence children that associated with different racial, gender, cultural, nationality, and linguistic backgrounds. It is also a technique to make sure the highest level of education for all students, and not making any differences against anything. Multicultural education can helps the students and teachers to improve positive self-confidence through facts and knowledge that being taught in class. Some students, because of their specific characteristics, have a good chance to do well in school as it is currently organized than other students from other groups. Multicultural education is also a reform of change that planned to bring a transformation of the school; so that the students from both genders and from different cultural, languages, and ethnic groups can have the same chance to know and experience school achievement.
In the meantime, the school that I am practicing my practicum at, Maple Elementary School, entails of about more than 60% Arab Americans multilingual teachers who are typically there at all time. The majority of the students in this school start going to class without knowing any word in English. But some who are born here know few words in English, because they look like they speak only their first language at home. Therefore the school offers two teachers for preschoolers and kindergarten, one who speaks Arabic which she translates to English about
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