Benefits Of Nazi Rule In Germany

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Yes, I most definitely believe that the Nazi rule was beneficial for most of the people of Germany. I believe this primarily as, under the rule of the Nazis there was eradication of unemployment, boost of morale due to Hitler’s inspirational idealistic motives, reestablishment of hope and prosperity and economic succession.
After the potent damage done by the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression, the German economy was at its verge of bankruptcy. Hitler and the Nazis played a pivotal role in the revival of major unemployment. Prior to the election of the Nazi party, in 1933, 6 million German civilians were unemployed and Hitler while being elected had promised to provide the people with ‘Bread and Jobs’. And fortunately, for Germany, the Nazis parties hard work paid off and in 1939 the number of unemployed decreased to only 302,000. This was primarily because of the strategic mind of Hitler, who encouraged the restoration of an autarky as well as created a self sufficient nation, which stated that Germany wouldn’t take aiding from any other country for its economic re-building. Moreover, Hitlers administration of the National Labor service gave men raging from ages 18 to 25 jobs to attend to public work in fields such as constructing buildings, which were hospitals and schools as well as repairing and building houses, roads and railways. This initiation immediately created many job opportunities and also improved rearmament on a large scale. Germany, simultaneously
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