Benefits Of Not Going To College Essay

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High school graduates are starting to feel that they must go to college. Students are consistently being bombarded with different ideas of what to do after high school, most of which require some type of schooling or degree. Instructors and counselors commonly persuade students to think that we only have one option to be successful with a college degree. College might not be for everyone! From my research, I found many articles on reasons why people go to college, reasons they do not go to college, and statistics on going and not going to college. There are many leading factors on why people might not go to college. Some reasons may include: financial aspects of college, the tests you must take to get in, or just having no desire to go to college. Currently I am a high school senior and I have been given the option to go to college. I am trying to figuring out what I want to spend my life doing. I was thinking of doing the nursing program and becoming a registered nurse or…show more content…
The responsibility of a person will most likely expand once they go to college. For college, there are more career options. College graduates have a higher yearly income and greater income in the future. College gives you the chance to expand your extra-curricular activities. College helps to improve socialization skills. In the article Why Go to College at all? Ojalvo states her reasons on why going to college has benefits, but also states how Dale J. Stevens disagrees. Others may say that college is the only choice. In college, you are in a very structured environment. It teaches students to be organized, follow directions, and memorize facts. Socialization becomes much easier in college. In college, there are sororities, fraternities, and many other small communities. Many may go for a socialization status, just to say they are attending. Others believe that college is where they will find themselves. College is a place to obtain a

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