Benefits Of Online Shopping

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Due to number of benefits the trend of online shopping has grown tremendously. The main reason is the flexibility available because of online shopping where the customer is able to find required information as well as make purchase anytime and anywhere which the easier and safe methods of payments. Another benefit is the cost benefit and this comes in because online products are perceived to be a lot cheaper than physical store products (Forsythe, et al. 2006). The review of literatures state that the cost of products differs between retailer stores and online shopping sites because of the reduced overheads and different expenses including rent, staffs salary and different other factors. Despite the fact that online products sometimes bear delivery costs onto the final price, the selling price of most of these products are cheaper than those of physical stores (Wolfinbarger und Gilly 2000).

According to the study carried out by (Chiang und Dholakia 2003), they examined the key purposes of customers to buy online rather than going to physical retailer store. They have mentioned three variables affecting the purchasing behaviour of customers. Those variables or factors are the accessibility features of shopping sites, price of the product and the type and characteristic of the product. The main explanation of the study is that the accessibility and convenience of the shopping sites are the component which creates the intention in consumers to purchase online or not. If the

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