Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

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Advertising as a paid mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future. The basic purpose of advertising is to communicate the news to the user or the customer that there is something new in the market Terence (2007). Outdoor advertising, one of the oldest and most enduring forms of advertising, can be broadly identified as any sign that publicly displays advertising or identifies something, such as a sign for a restaurant or other place of business. Outdoor advertisements take on a myriad of forms, such as billboards, murals on buildings, electric neon signs and sandwich boards. Outdoor advertising displays are an excellent reminder medium and most commonly used in an advertising campaign to supplement other media. At present, industries are turning to outdoor advertisement to increase the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns. A good advertisement persuades the customer to the final purchase and keeps them motivated to do a certain action (Kenneth and Donald 2010). Outdoor advertising is not only a reminder media it persuades consumer to purchase the product. Telecom service providers have already allotted a major portion of their advertising budgets for outdoor advertising. The benefits of outdoor advertising are better reach; cost efficiency, ability to reach specific target audience, scope for creativity, longevity and constant exposure. Apart from these benefits, outdoor
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