Benefits Of Outdoor Essay

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Playing outdoor has a multitude of benefits. It allows children to feel at one with the natural world. They can explore and use their imagination. It keeps them active and enhances their physical development. Playing outside enables children to feel free and this is something that cannot be replicated indoors. Children need to feel comfortable in the environment that they learn in and education should be something that they enjoy. When children spend time outdoors while learning their interaction and motivation is increased and this causes them to absorb more information. This leads to a positive outlook when it comes to learning. Emotions are affected by the environment in which we work and play. When learning outdoors, children immerse…show more content…
This could involve counting stones, acorns or walking set distances. All of these help to develop early maths skills. Early literacy skills can be developed outdoors through singing songs, telling stories and listening. There are opportunities for the children to understand word recognition and the children can even make letters out of natural objects. The outdoors is the perfect place for children to understand what the world is all about. They get to learn about the weather, life cycles, the different seasons, how light and dark works, as well as sounds. Nature offers the perfect classroom and children can really benefit from it. This part of the early year’s curriculum is all about how they learn and not what they learn. This is an important tool and if it is used early enough it can have a positive effect on their lives as they grow and mature. When it comes to playing and exploring, children use every sense to help them take in the natural world and understand the changes. Children can take risks outdoors but they also have the opportunity to manage risks. The opportunity is also there for children to role play and try out new things. From a schools perspective, installing outdoor classrooms and play areas in the form of shelters, sail shades and school canopies can be relatively cost effective and they may even get help towards the funding through grants and other national building
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