Benefits Of Parental Involvement Essay

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Parental involvement is the participation of parents in school activities. Parental involvement is the commitment of time, energy, and good will to promote success for students. There are some benefit and challenge we will meet while we are having parental involvement. In this essay will talk about what are the types, importance, benefits, challenges of parental involvement and ways to involve parental involvement in early childhood education. According to Epstein, there are six types of involvement which are parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community. The first one would be parenting. Through parental involvement, it can assist families with parenting and child rearing skills…show more content…
When parents and teachers are sharing information about children’s development, learning experiences, daily routines, and changes in health status, they are supporting children’s development and education. It is important that parents inform teacher about their children’s situation at home. As a teacher, we can support parents in their role by summarizing the professional information that receives through professional publications, in-service trainings, and conferences to keep informed families about current childhood…show more content…
Benefits of parental involvement for families would be benefit on parents’ knowledge of child development, parenting skills, and parents’ self-confidence as advocates for their children. Schools sometimes will give out some flyer with information that is about the 3 domains (physical, mental, and social) skills are expected to display in different age group. Inside the flyer it may include some suggestion activities to enhance those skills. Family involvement can let parents get more knowledge about child

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