Benefits Of Pet Vacations

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If you plan to take your pet along on vacation, you must prepare before you leave. First of all, make sure that your pet can tolerate a trip in the car. Make short trips with your pet to see his reaction to automobile travel. Some animals get car sick and this can be remedied by a simple trip to the veterinarian. He can give you medicine to give your pet to prevent car sickness. Make sure that you pack a bag for your pet. This include food and water bowls, treats, his favorite dog food, and chew toys to keep him amused on the trip. Also, pack any medications that the pet is using. Take a bath towel and shampoo, incase you need to bathe the pet, while away. Make sure that you bring a crate for the animal. This is a "must" if you plan to say in a hotel. This allows you to leave your room, without worrying about housekeeping being attacked by your animal. Also, this prevents your pet from escaping if hotel personnel should enter your room. Emergency situations, such as sprinkler malfunction, can occur to cause maintenance to come in your room to prevent flooding. When staying in a motel or hotel, always check to see if pets are allowed. Some allow pets, however, charge a pet deposit plus a cleaning deposit. Always call ahead and inform the establishment, that you will be bringing a pet. They will advise you of the rules of that particular establishment. Animal Planet is a good source for checking on the safe way to have your pet travel with you. The site

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