Benefits Of Pink Lips Essay

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Pink Lips Naturally: Carrot and Beetroot Juice: The pink lips are carrot and beetroot juice. Carrot contains antioxidant which helps in lightening the skin. Peel the carrot skin and crush the carrot in the mixer grinder and take the carrot juice. Now apply the carrot juice in the lips whenever you have time. Use this regularly for better results. Beetroot also contains antioxidant so it also helps to turn black lips to rosy shiny lips. Peel the beetroot skin and crush the beetroot in the mixer grinder and your beetroot juice will be ready. Now apply the beetroot juice in the lips. Use this regularly for better results. Obtain Pink Lips: Majority of people don't have pink lips. They have dark and pale lips which are not attractive. Dull and black lips can form a black spot in your beauty. To get pink lips, scrub your lips with toothbrush every night after…show more content…
Apply a few drops of desi ghee or mustard oil in your belly button (navel), before going to sleep. Those who have dry, chapped, or dark lips will see visibly effective results if they follow this natural tip, regularly. Baby Pink Lips: Softening lips is very important if you want to have hot lips. Moisturize your lips every day, massage them and apply a good lip balm. You can get soft pink lips that way, but when you want to make them bright and hot, you can use a shiny lip gloss. Baby pink lips are quite pale and can be done using makeup tips. You have seen celebrities such as Kesha rock baby pink cheeks and lips. You too can make your lips soft pink. Below are general guidelines to make your lips pink and soft. The homemade tips for pink lips are coriander and mint leaves. Both of these leave have the ability to change your blackened lips into pretty pink lips in no time. You have to soak the coriander leaves in water and wait till it gets immersed. We would suggest that you leave the leaves in water for about 30

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