Benefits Of Playing Multiple Sports

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Have you ever wondered if playing one sport is better than playing multiple sports? Studies have shown that there are many benefits to playing more than one sport. Playing multiple sports can help you in the future and can prevent you from having serious injuries. I believe, that it is much better for an athlete to play more than just one sport. Playing multiple sports has healthy and safety benefits. Movement and practice in different activities will allow you to strengthen different muscles groups and reduce the full time strain and potential overuse of muscles associated with one sport. The factors can decrease the risk of injuries in young athletes. By playing multiple sports your body learns how to move and function in different ways. “Playing different sports teaches your body to move in different ways and reinforces competitiveness.”(Watt paragraph 4). By playing multiple sports this can help you get more competitive and you can become an all around better player. Evidence of this point is illustrated by studies that have shown that many, “Athletes who compete in more than one sport have a lower rate of injury”(King paragraph 6). Although playing multiple sports is a significant commitment, “Participating in multiple sports builds different muscles and in turn can make for a better all-around athlete,”(King paragraph 6). You can build muscles in different parts of the body from different sports making you stronger than others. All in all, by being a multi-sport

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