Benefits Of Population Health Management

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Escalating Needs for Population Health Management System
Improved living conditions, higher income, employment generation, industrialization, and technological revolution – all these can add that ease in living but at the same time invite in complexities in the daily lives. The stress of maintaining the high end job, rushing to meet the loan repayment deadlines, working double shifts to get through that medical school creates restlessness and no time to lead on with a healthy lifestyle. This ultimately leads to the mass birth of chronic diseases in people all around.
Hypertension, diabetes, obesity and asthma are the commonest of the chronic disorders the real world is now facing and this trend is estimated to only rise upwards by 2025. As
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• Patients and Physicians: While the physicians have in their hands a complete knowledge of their patient’s medical history, present health status and thereby, the physicians can deduce the prime focus area for their patients. Thus, the patients in turn would consequently enjoy better measures and modes of medical care. Timely preventive protocols also help patients dodge expensive surgeries or procedures in the future.
• System of Health Care and the Organization: Coordinated movements of the managements bring about efficacy and higher quality services provided by the health care organizations, enhancing the system in the process. With the physician-patient gaps filling in owing to transparency, number of patients increase and the actual costs of the provision of health care can be better estimated.
• Corporate Sector Wellness: The importance of population health management in office spaces is becoming more and more prominent by the day. The procedure improves morale and physical health of the employees and thus, their productivity well within the company’s
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• Change Management: The challenging functioning of a multi-disciplinary team demands for meticulous, efficient and dynamic personnel who are flexible enough to adapt to the continuous shifting processes, responsibilities and roles. Along with worker’s capabilities, the leader’s expertise and guidance is as vital in ensuring the workers completing their jobs as a team to bring about the best results.
• Model of Reimbursement: The current models on health care trace their origin to the primitive time of 1950s or 60s and base their programming on “Fee-For-Service”. Their focus was on paying for the sick, not adopting healthier measures for better living. Thus, this model has scanty incentives for implementing preventive measures over procedures of cure. Moreover, the existing model in the hospitals downplays the patient physician interaction

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