Qualitative Research Methods

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Qualitative research is a type of research that looking for the answers of a question or provides the understanding of human experience. It is conducted systematically and the answers have to be proven by evidence and data collected. The qualitative research is unique as the researchers may produce finding that’s were not determined in advance and it may be applicable beyond immediate boundaries of the study. This type of research method is effective for the researchers to find out the specific information about subjects involve. The specific information includes values, behaviours or even opinions. Qualitative research methods are favourable for many researchers, including in educational purposes.

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The goal of qualitative research is to understand in depth the characteristics of the situation and the meaning brought by participants and what is happening to them at the moment. For example, we want to find out why students dislike English subject. By using qualitative research method, researches can collect data, the reasons, through interview or observation. By doing so, researchers can receive information directly from the students. Student behaviour is more accurately translated through a qualitative approach because it is descriptive. Step by step in conducting research using qualitative methods will produce a report that is more precise and…show more content…
Since the questions or methods used to collect data in qualitative research are open-ended, the data collected will be based on the participants’ perspectives. This understanding is the end product researchers strive for. Researchers will not make predictions or pre-defined conclusion of the setting. In order to achieve in-depth knowledge participants, a researcher can use data collection methods such as in-depth interview which provide immediate response from the respondents, or participatory observation which allow researchers to have better understanding through verbal and non-verbal cue.

Qualitative research can avoid pre-judgements as the studies made directly to the respondents according to the researched case. Researchers will be able to pursue the case studies by communicating directly with the target group and it makes it easier for researchers understand the situation better. For example, to review the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the classroom and the relationship with teachers implement teaching methods, researchers will make observations or studies directly to groups of students and teachers in the classroom to study and see how this
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