Benefits Of School Lunches

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OUT WITH THE SCHOOL FOOD IN WITH FAST FOOD Hold you ever questioned why we could not have McDonalds for lunch at school. Although some people say that fast food will make you fat, but we say school food is disgusting and awful. They think it cost too much money. Well is it beneficial for you? Is it because it cost so much money? Unhealthy food is approximately $1.50 cheaper per day, or approximately $550 per year, than healthy food. Additionally, while $550 per year is certainly burdensome for many people, that cost figure doesn’t include any long-term healthcare costs as a termination of eating a miserable diet. Your child’s public school lunches may be confined to lower qualitstandardsia than even fast food. Learn about the shocking investigations that expose the perils and risks of public school cafeteria lunches.…show more content…
According to info from the ¨U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention¨, almost 7,500 kids became victims to the norovirus between 1998 and 2007. Norovirus was implicated in another 2,000 school sicknesses between these years, although investigators could not definitively determine a font. So would you rather eat school food or fast food. Although increasing percentages of schools are meeting the minimum quality standards for school lunches each year, there is little question that more needs to make
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