Benefits Of School Uniforms

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How would you feel if the government required your school to wear school uniforms? If you wear school uniforms, you would not have to pick out what you wear to school. If you do not have to wear school uniforms then you would still get your own choice as to what you wear to school. School uniforms have many benefits and the government should require schools to make their students wear school uniforms.
School uniforms “keep wealthy kids from showing off, prevent students from wearing gang colors in the school, contribute to school spirit, and help teachers more quickly identify students on field trips as well as spot outsiders who enter the building.” Since all the students in the school have to wear the same clothes, wealthier kids can not show off their clothes because they would be required to wear the school uniform. It is harder for gang members to identify themselves if they can not wear a shirt with a gang sign or a certain color shirt. Students would most likely show more school spirit and school pride. While a class is on a school trip the uniforms could help teachers identify their students quicker. Dr. Viola Vaughan think that uniforms have improved their students’ grades and behavior. She said “discipline issues have decreased tremendously, and when children look around at each other, they don 't see the name brands and clothing that often divided them.” Dr. Vaughan noticed that at school events the students even seemed to be more quiet and they acted more
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