Benefits Of Self Driving Essay

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Would you prefer to have self driving cars on our roads? In the long run, driverless cars have their pro’s and con’s. The text states that self driving cars have been around since the horse and buggy; driverless cars are nothing new to our world. A couple of benefits would be that people can’t go over the speed limit or break laws as easily. Self driving cars should be on the roads because they offer more benefits than if we were not to have them. The benefits of owning a self driving car are so great, more should be on the road. One of the greatest, most desirable advantages is that there will be way less car accidents, and less fatal ones too. The article, “Self driving cars are just around the corner. Is it a good thing?” states that between ninety three and ninety five percent of all fatal accidents are caused by human error. Another fact that I thought of is that the self driving cars are forced to go slower than normal cars, so crashes won’t always be as bad as they could have been. To sum it up, the total number of accident caused deaths is too high and this is a key perk of self driving cars. Self driving cars can make our roads safer for everyone in a…show more content…
Most people don’t enjoy driving, because there is literally nothing to do, but drive, and you have to stay focused at all times. The text tells us that it's a better way to travel, so what, do we not believe them, or what isn't there to believe. For example, if you are on your way to work in the morning and you have a long drive there, instead of wasting time you could be replying to emails and getting some work done. You can also interact with your friends if you are traveling with them, or you could just play on your phone if you wanted to. These cars just offer so many possibilities that should be considered, an that make the ride more enjoyable. All in all, the benefits can make for a pretty enjoyable

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