Essay Benefits Of Self Learning

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Nowadays, knowledge is one of the important factors that people need to have for surviving in daily life. The more knowledge people have, it can increase the chance of success in their life. There are many ways to gain more knowledge such as learning from teacher or learning by their experience but the way that everyone can do is self-learning. Self-learning is a way that can make people achieve more ability to compete with others because today, it is a society with highly competitive that most people should attempt to survive. Self-learning can also give many benefits to the learner as below. It can be stated that self-learning can give too many benefits and improve learner’s intelligence and skill too.

There are many resources that can use to find information for self-learning. Begin with the biggest social media that contains many videos for learning or entertaining which known as ‘Youtube’. Youtube is the most effective way for
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It gives learner more knowledge which is the understanding of someone or something which can be the lesson or knowing some skills.[3] With the more knowledge, it can increase the chance of learner to get success in working or studying because knowledge and experience are the main factors that required for working in daily life. Next, it can help learner to understand more lesson in class which can let learner get the better grade in transcript instead of another student that study only in the class.[4] It can also let people that usually learn by themselves have enough knowledge to work for their future. If they have more knowledge or skill, it means they can get more money from work too.

After understanding about the ways to apply self-learning which use many resources, the way to use those resources and evaluation from self-learning which can be very useful for human’s life, there are also have many benefits that learner may not
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