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I have short hairs and faced large difficulty due to them. I loved to open my hairs during winters and looked elegant in them. When summers came, I kept on feeling hot by keeping my hairs open during summer. Moreover, my hairs got dirty and rough. I could not go out due to my messy hairs. At first, I thought that styling short hairs is impossible. To find a solution for my problem, I did a research on hairstyles for short hairs and found that short hairs could be styled in a number of buns and braids. As buns are more featured hairstyles of the summer season, I am going to share some of the bun hairstyles for short hairs. The most famous bun hairstyles for short hairs are as follows:
• Formal bun hairstyle
• Side bun hairstyle
• Wavy bun hairstyle
• Bed head bun hairstyle
• Braided bun hairstyle
• Chic updo bun hairstyle
• Wispy bun hairstyle
• Lower bun hairstyle
• Classic ballet bun hairstyle
• Messy volumizing bun hairstyle
• Messy top bun hairstyle
• Side braided bun hairstyle
Formal bun hairstyle: This hairstyle can be worn by working ladies or on any formal occasion. It cleans up your look. It enhances your personality. For making formal bun, your hairs should be tangle free. Make a pony tail and wrap your hairs around it. Make a twist of front hairs and pin them around the bun. Your formal bun is ready.

Side bun hairstyle:
It can be worn by young girls in any situation and any environment. It gives you a princess look.

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