Benefits Of Single Gender Schools

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Single gender schools benefit education in both girls and boys. There has been a controversy between whether or not both genders should be in the same classroom and if single-sex institutions are beneficial. In my opinion I find that single-sex establishments can have a positive effect on both students social and highly educational students. Co-educational classrooms are found to have flaws, both genders distract the other from achieving their education. The scientific fact that boys and girls develop at different times and speeds and in some cases, teachers can favor their own gender. Another point of controversy is that children need to be exposed to the opposite sex in preparation for later life which has been proven not to be the case. Both genders have a diversity that needs to be appreciated and has to be able to grow in circumstances where they are around people with the same liking. First of all in high school and higher education there has been a clear separation in social standing of boys and girls. In the period following puberty when their hormones are at their peak, both tenders tend to distract the other from their education. As pressure can lead to an array of bad choices, class bullying and competition of the sexes has reached a high limit. For example in my school, presently there is a running rivalry about final results. This has lead to people feeling disheartened when someone directs them as being “stupid”. Although some teachers find the

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