Single Sexed Schools Research Paper

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Nicholas Vidrine
Prof. Smith
English 1158
13 March 2018
Why Co-ed Schools are Better
Co-ed schools can be more beneficial than single sexed schools because it can lead to the development and growth with the opposite sex. I have experience from both sides of this topic and I feel that having a co-ed school makes the groups or friendships throughout those years of school worth it. When a student goes into a co-ed environment, they experience a new outlook on life because there is some sort of new competition or thought outlook on their lives. Getting involved into a co-ed school has many benefits and they will help you greatly later in life.
While I believe that having a co-ed school is more beneficial to the daily student’s life than going to a single sexed school, many others can say otherwise. “Many others may feel that students find it easier to focus on academics when they aren’t
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I feel like single sexed schools has the motive that allows students to be themselves without having to play someone they aren’t just to get noticed or into a specific group or clique. This allows you to be yourself and not someone you are just to be liked by your fellow peers. Another reason is that the student curriculum can be based on the gender and become more understandable due to the types of likings of the certain gender. This allows for a increase of attention in the classes and allow for a growth of knowledge into the students. For example, “single sex schools enable girls and boys to feel free to learn and discover any subject, with girls able to pursue interest in male-dominated subjects such as maths and science and boys able to explore music and the arts. Indeed, at the 26 Girls’ Day School Trust schools and academies, girls are more than twice more likely to opt for science or engineering degrees at university level than girls nationally.”
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