Benefits Of Social Media In Hospitality

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Benefits of social media application
The prevalence of social media and its various function is beneficial to the hospitality and tourism management.

For the hotel, utilizing the social media to identify the pros and cons as well as convey informative content to customers leads to effective and efficient promotion. Promotion is associated with all kinds of activities that communicate and advance the product and service. Because of the widespread use of internet and social media, the hotel operator attaches great importance to hotel promotion on social media channels instead of the costly traditional advertisement.

It’s easy to discover that a group of tourists enjoy writing their traveling or hotel experience in social media site
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Social media applications empower the tourist to search, create, upload and share the content related to the hotel experience. A considerable of tourists upload the photo, comment or review on social media sites. The user-generated content (UGC) as the information published by the consumer on those websites demonstrates its reliability and credibility, which can serve as precious advice and suggestion to others. Consumers tend to believe and trust the opinion from those who has similar lifestyle and purchasing powers. By reading and commenting the content, thousands of users build the connection between those who has similar hotel staying experience or who tend to stay in the hotel as well as retrieve valuable hotel genuine hotel information. Monitoring, examining, managing and analyzing the content of the virtual world is one of the top priorities for hoteliers. The information processing enables the hotel operators to establish the principles of hotel operation and distinguish consumer behavior trends. It is widely acknowledged that lots of hotel companies begin to use social networking website as a tool to analyze customer posts and transform a huge amount of UGC into valuable sources for the operational development. For example, the negative consumer review on Tripadvisor generated by the customer reveals the unpleasant staying experience because of the unsmooth operation in the hotel, which could affect the brand image and other consumers’ perception towards the hotel. Therefore, the hospitality practitioner who assumes the responsibility to maintain the prosperous growth of the hotel has to make great efforts to spot the operational areas of the hotel that adversely influence the hotel’s performance so as to offer a pleasant experience and desirable product to customers. By doing so, they can retain the existing
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