Benefits Of Social Media

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Is social media taking the lives of our children today?Or is it improving them?Children all over the world use some kind of social media whether its facebook or Twitter, social media plays big role in the lives of today children.Social media has both rewarding benefits as well as challenges that people are faced with.the rise of social media causes a decrease of face to face interactions among today 's youth. There are many benefits to communicating through social media versus face to face interactions.Some of the benefits that communicating through social media have it breaks the surface to being nervous to speak to someone.not every child is born with the confidence to speak to the article “Antisocial networking” Robert Wilson was pleased to see how communicating through social media allows children to be able to stay in contact with each throughout the day while their away from each other.Also how it allow one of his sons to be social that he referred another one of his sons to join.learning that his shy son was having a positive benefit for networking ,he believes social media improved the lives of his sons.Other benefits social media has it allows you to multitask with your own personal life while in the process being in contact with your friends and family.Social media can also help spread awareness to a cause or promote the article “antisocial networking” “ Hannah says she relies on texting to make plans and to pass long

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