Benefits Of Student Exchange Essay

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Many people plan to see the world or to travel at some point in their life and have new experiences but few ever get the opertunity to do so either due to work, school or simple problems in everyday life. The few that do however get the chance to travel abroad and see the world might not be able to do so until they are very old or have retired. Because of this I propose a program that would allow students to see the world while they are still in school, realitively unbrudened by things such as work or worry of money, bills or insurence. The program I have in mind is known as the student exchange program. The student exchange program allows for a student to leave their country of residence and take up residence in another country all while still going to school and studying within the country. With this program in mind I believe that it could be benificial for students to not only see the world but also learn about culture, gain unique opertunities and learn independence.

Now of course as I said the students would be able to learn about culture, "what about culture could they learn about culture" is a question you may be asking yourself luckily I am
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First of all you must remember that in becoming an axchange student you will most likely learn a new language. This can be a valuable asset later in life, for example some jobs will pay employies extra for being able to speak multiple languages. Also if you were to ever move out of the country it would aid you to speak the language or to be somewhat familiar withthe country.Finally I would like to explain the opertunities to learn that the program offers. I believe that the exchange program could allow oppertunities for many students to learn not just about culture but also about other people. I Believe that as well as accessing these opertunities many students would also have the chance to learn
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