The Benefits Of Summer Vacation To Students

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Is summer vacation beneficial to students, that a question many people ask all the time. Everyone has there own opinion about such topic, but students around the world start having a unhealthy schedule, also their brains aren 't fully focused when school starts, so having a shorter summer break would be more beneficial for students, and having them to prepare for school during summer.

Many kids started asking for longer summer vacations after hearing the proposal catching about the country lengthen the school year. There’s a catch for lengthening the school year, because that would mean a much shorter summer break. Its a good thing, because summer vacation would be more beneficial to students if its shorter. That said, the Education Secretary Arne Duncan says “American students have fallen behind the world academically”(Smyth). Many students tend to lode their focus when they come back to their new academic year. Also many countries like Asia and Europe had switched to year-round schedules because they have noticed that a few months off in the summer students started having major setbacks in school, including loss of knowledge and lower test scores. Research also show that teachers typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. Also many people argue that many students lose a lot what they have learned from the previse year during the summer break.” Proponents argue that too much knowledge is lost while American kids wile away the summer months apart from their lessons.”(Smyth). All of these facts shows why summer vacation would be more beneficial to

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