Benefits Of Surfing

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I think that surfing works as a treatment for PTSD because it combines two things that benefit people: nature and exercise. Being out at the beach and away from the pressures of everyday life allows a person with PTSD to be able to let their guard down and relax. The sound of the water has a calming effect, and the sunlight will boost vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a precursor to serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that bolsters mood and relieves anxiety. Being outside also lowers levels of cortisol, which lessens levels of anxiety and depression. Also, being away from an urban setting could help relieve the pressures a PTSD suffering soldier faces when trying to reintegrate into society. In addition to the benefits of nature, surfing also…show more content…
If a group of soldiers suffered trauma in a third world country or tour of duty, they could all attend a surfing class together. This would allow them to form new memories with each other to replace the traumatic memories from before. These new memories would lead to stronger bonds of friendship among the soldiers, which puts them in a better position to reintegrate into society peacefully. The soldiers would also have the opportunity to form bonds of friendship with the surfing instructors. This would ease the soldiers into being trustworthy of meeting new people again, which shall helps them reintegrate into society. All of the friendship and camaraderie the soldiers build while surfing will lead to them being better able to feel empathy and regulate their…show more content…
For example, when the author 's friend from before wanted to hurt people he felt had wronged him, having a larger support network might have prevented this problem from arising in the first place. If not, a larger support network would allow the author 's friend to have a safe outlet in which to express his negative feelings.

In conclusion, the benefits of surfing are as much biological as they are psychological. An individual 's state of mind can be affected by physical factors, and mental illnesses can lead to physical problems. For an individual to recover from PTSD, someone or something must intervene to start the recovery process. Surfing as a form of exercise and treatment is able to break this cycle and bring the soldiers closer to a recovered mental
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