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What Are The Health Benefits of Swaddling? CureJoy EditorialOct 13, 2016 by CureJoy Editorial 5 Min Read

The womb to real world transition is made less stressful for a baby by creating a womb-like warm, secure, restricted enclosure with a swaddle blanket. Swaddled babies have longer, undisturbed sleep, better motor skills and neuromuscular development, and more self-regulation. Leave room for movement while wrapping the baby and discontinue for babies older than 2 months.

New mommies are often willing – and desperate – to try anything within reason to calm a crying baby. Swaddling or wrapping a baby in cloth is a time-tested nurturing practice that may have some answers. Indian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, and Russian cultures, among
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Swaddle Right

The literature on swaddling suggests some safe swaddling methods that can help avoid these risks while reaping all of the benefits.

Wrap the baby gently, following its body contours , spreading out on areas that are meant to remain flat, and thinning out on the slender parts. Just covering the head is enough, leaving out the face.6
Do not swaddle a baby older than two months as it can roll on its stomach and lie in a prone position, a condition that could lead to SIDS.
Avoid wrapping too tightly as it becomes difficult for the baby to breathe, which can lead to respiratory complications.
Ensure that the baby has enough room to move its legs and hips within the wrap to avoid injury to the joints.7
Risks of Swaddling

Although swaddling can comfort your baby considerably, it can pose risks if not done correctly. Improper swaddling may lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), one of the major risks of swaddling a baby older than two months. When about two months old, the baby can turn and lie on its stomach. When a swaddled baby turns and lies in the prone position for a longer time, without any room for it to toss its legs and hands to turn back to the supine position, there are chances of SIDS.8 Many experts believe that swaddling must be stopped when the baby is about two months old to avoid the risks of

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