Benefits Of Technology Smarter Than You Think

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Technology could help people adapt in ways that could help them change the way they live and think. Although, it could negatively affect the way people process information through the internet such as having problems with literacy and distractions. In “Smarter than You Think”, Clive Thompson claims that technology can help humans be smarter. Technology such as computers to mentally challenge themselves, so they can improve. Thompson talks about how playing a computer in any sort of game like chess could be a game changer for humans to help them improve their performance and overcome their mistakes. Thompson also claims that digital tools can help people’s lives become easier and connect with other people through social media. Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Smarter?”, argues how technology doesn’t make people any smarter. Carr mentions how people’s literacy is being overthrown by technology. People tend to read whatever interest they want by using a search engine rather than reading books. Another…show more content…
These advertisements that are suggested for us could catch our full attention and distract us. Despite Carr’s claims, Thompson has many reasons why technology is beneficial for people. Technology has intended to help people make their lives easier and help us think in a different way. Clive Thompson, who is a famous writer for technology goes in depth of how people use technology in ways that help them. Thompson argues that technology could help people become smarter if they know how to use it properly. Thompson gives the reader an example how technology could make us better at activities such as chess. He says that machines could be more intellectual and powerful than humans, but these machines can help us think
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