Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

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The Paleo Diet is the most talked about healthy living diet plan in recent times. What is it? How did it become the most Google searched diet plan of 2013? It is amazing to see that there are more than 5000 e-Books about Paleo diet recipes and lifestyle on Amazon. The world has seen many diet types: there are vegetarians, vegans, lactose free diets, meat free diets. What makes Paleo stand out? The quest is on! Thousands of years ago, our ancestors lived on food that they hunted, fished, or gathered from their surroundings. They did not plan their meals nor did they eat three or four times a day. They ate what were readily available and within their reach. Agriculture or cultivating food happened about 10,000 years ago. It is rather a quite…show more content…
You can stop counting your calories. You don't have to take meals four times a day, and have to eat food only when you are hungry. Food is treated simply as a fuel to get going. Paleo Diet A good Paleo diet is one that would contain more of: · proteins · good fat · fiber · micronutrients · vitamins and minerals Less of: · Sodium · Carbohydrates There are a number of Must haves and Have not's when it comes to following a Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet fully supports meat, fish and eggs along with plant produce as the source of nutrients. Lean meat is in, and so are skin, bones, liver, and almost all parts of the animal. Vegetarians or Vegans please excuse. Did I mention salt less? Yes, the diet is sodium free. You will have to go salt free or with minimum salt possible. The Must Haves include: · Grass fed or pasture raised meat · Eggs · Fish/ sea food · Fresh fruits and vegetables · Nuts/seeds · Oil (olive, flaxseed, avocado, coconut) · Fermented food like sauerkraut · Herbal tea like ginger, chamomile, nettle, peppermint can be had in moderation · Coconut water You must Avoid: · Dairy like milk, butter, cheese,
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