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Picture this: you get home from school after two one hour-long clubs and after sports. You rush home, devour dinner, and it’s about 6:30. You still have two or three hours of homework to do. You finish your homework at around 8:30, and then play on their phone until midnight and fall asleep. Then you wake up the next morning, still very tired, and do it all over again. Sounds familiar, right? But, what would happen if the school day was longer, and there was less homework? Students need a longer school day with less homework because it reduces stress in students and adults, provides better ways to learn, and homework provides little benefit.
Many may believe that homework provides a way to practice skills learned at school. Homework does sometimes
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For example, the Time to Succeed Coalition states in an article on Deseret News Education: “With more time, teachers have the power to transform the way they deliver their lessons and the way in which they lead their schools to higher achievement. Teachers can use expanded learning time to collaborate and share best practices from the classroom in order to improve their instruction.” This evidence shows that when teachers improve their lessons, they make students learn better. Adding more time allows teachers to improve lessons and inform students in a better way. An article on Reading Rockets also describes that after adding two hours to a school day, a school in Massachusetts jumped up 44 percent in math, 19 percent in science, and 39 percent in English language arts. Clearly, if it makes this much of a difference, why don’t all schools do it? That is a huge jump in math especially. This also shows that students become much better by increasing the amount of hours in a school day. Also, the same article on Reading Rockets also suggests that teachers get to answer students’ questions and many students enjoyed the longer school day. The teachers answering students’ questions help the students understand the material better. Understanding what they are learning is how students become better
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