Essay On The Benefits Of Too Much Homework In School

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What do you think when you hear the word homework? If your blood just started to boil, then you are like me. Kids are given too much homework in school, and teachers are a part of this. A kids whole life is not school, or at least it shouldn 't be. What do you mean by ‘too much’ you ask, well, experts say that after about 2 hours negative effects start to ensue upon the kids. Teachers give too much homework in schools, and the reasons why include the fact that homework has discouraged children from participating in extracurricular activities, leads to a lot more stress for the students, and can have negative implications, academically, instead of the desired positive ones. Homework takes up a lot of time. Sometimes teachers give up to 3 hours worth of homework in one night. Kids want time to have some fun as well, such as electronics, video games, books, and etcetera. Along with those activities many kids want to play sports, and if you have a sports practice longer than 3 hours then what other time in the day do you have. At Stanford University studies were done that proved that too much homework can negatively impact kids, especially their lives outside of school, with their families, and participating in extracurricular…show more content…
Outside activities are so important to kids development, and homework doesn 't allow many kids to do so. As a student myself I experience so much stress just from my schoolwork/ homework. Also, many studies show that too much homework can actually do the opposite effect than intended. On the contrary, not all teachers give too much homework, but the added amount from all my classes ends up being too much. As Lily Tomlin said, “"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides
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