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What is toothpaste? Toothpaste is a viscous medium, which is placed on the toothbrush bristles during brushing. The toothbrush and toothpaste cleans the teeth of food particles, bacteria and plaque by gently abrade the surface of teeth clean. Often toothpastes an added taste and has a foaming effect that makes brushing easier and more pleasant. Why should I use toothpaste? Toothpaste complement the actual brushing and helps you maintain a healthy oral hygiene. Most toothpastes contain different ingredients and may therefore have the following characteristics: -Prevention of tooth decay . Prevention of tartar . Prevention of gum disease . Prevention of tooth sensitivity . -Mild bleaching effect. Toothpaste is not necessary to remove food…show more content…
The flavor helps to give a good taste in the mouth and prevents bad breath. Abrasive Often a toothpaste abrasive, if your teeth are discolored by, for example, coffee, tea and red wine. The abrasive should not be used in the daily toothpaste, then you risk scratching your teeth. Toothpaste containing abrasives should be used only every other month. How does this relate to children and toothpaste? It is a good idea to brush your child's teeth with little fluorine-containing toothpaste - when the first tooth erupts. You should use adult toothpaste so your child gets used to the taste and smell of toothpaste. Children can easily use the same toothpaste as the rest of the family- unless otherwise stated on the packaging. The child must, however, have a smaller dose of toothpaste on his toothbrush. You should be aware of the use of toothpaste, because it can give a taste for sweets - is therefore only child toothpaste if you under no circumstances can be accustom the child at regular toothpaste. You may choose a smaller fluorine-containing toothpaste for…show more content…
How länger keeps toothpaste? Toothpaste has a long shelf life, often 30 months or longer. Why does not the minimum durability date on the packaging. There may be a date of durability after opening, shown with a jar symbol and number of months. If the paste becomes hard in the tube, it is a sign that it should no longer be used. Therefore, remember to close the package. What toothpaste should I

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