Benefit Of Tourism Essay

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UIEA EK Davila Gilder Mayu Sato Tourism: Is it all about Entertainment or Profits? Tourism has always been one of the important factors which contribute the economic development of a country. At present days, the tourism sector has flourished because of the improved transportation system and easy access to countries. However, the inside story tells a different picture. Tourism has direct and indirect impact on the economy and society by creating job opportunity, generating revenue and profit, while on other picture tourism brings in negative effects like environmental problems, cultural erosion and most importantly crime rates due to its overwhelming expansion. At present, tourism has been contributing to different countries…show more content…
There may be problems regarding economic equality between the local community and the visiting tourists. It is usually that in tourist area, products will be pricier than other local one. Therefore, it might cause economic equality problems in that particular area. The reason is that the income of the local people might not increase in the same rate with the raised price in the tourist areas (“Socio-Cultural Impacts,” n.d.). Moreover, tourism development can cause economical pressure to the government. The developers might want to develop infrastructures such as roads, airports and lodging system but at the same time, it is a challenge for the government due to huge amount of money for the taxpayers. In addition, some problems might come up because of seasonal tourism. Since seasonal tourism is not long terms, it can create unemployment during the off seasons which affects economically. Lastly, the countries which are directly focusing on tourism for the national economy have a huge risk of economic disaster. Turkey can be a big example of how they have negatively affected their national income which led them to decrease visitors who come every year because of the Iraq war. Other than the economic side effects, the biggest negative impact is on the environment since it has

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