Benefits Of Tourism In Thailand

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Nowadays, developing countries are stimulating to develop the tourism industry to increase the revenue and economic growth. Thailand is one of the counties that used tourism industry to develop for a long time. Tourism industry of Thailand is beneficial because it impacts the national development. The other benefits are the developed areas, medical development, promoting Thai culture. In addition, Thailand is well-known as ‘the land of smile’ so many tourists are interested in the culture and destinations. Many tourists want to experience the culture heritage of each regions of Thailand. There are many benefits that gain from tourism in Thailand.
Thailand is a successful country in the tourism development. According to the Bank of Thailand’s tourist arrivals statistic, the foreign tourists averaged 24.8 million in2014. Now each regions of Thailand have been prepared the locations well to support the visitors from both Thailand and overseas. Recently, various types of tourism are created for instance, Agro-Eco tourism, medical tourism and creative tourism. Therefore, as Thai government promotes the tourism, not only affects the economic growth, but also impacts the society and culture.
Thailand is the country that stimulates economic growth by tourism industry. The GDP and employment are immediately increased so tourism is the important strategy for national development especially in regions. Because of this reason, in a few years, Thailand gained 3.5-4.5 percent GDP of 2015

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