Benefits Of Traveling To Mars

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Benefits of Humanity Expanding to Mars Tom Clancy, an American novelist, once said,“We cannot fail to win unless we fail to try.” This statement is completely true. We have to try to do something before we can fail. An example of this is traveling to Mars. Since the first humans traveled into space, humans have wanted to travel to the planet Mars. Mars is the only planet other than Earth that is currently suitable for human life (with help from modern-day technology). Traveling to Mars will ensure humanity’s survival and will expand the possibilities for traveling through space. Traveling to Mars will be dangerous for humans, but I believe, it will hold more benefits than costs for the human race.

Traveling to Mars will give the human species a greater chance of survival. Our planet could be hit by an asteroid or comet that could destroy the human race. This happened millions of years ago. When the dust settled, it trapped greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere. Earth became extremely hot and most plants died, along with all dinosaurs. A volcano could have erupted which would have caused the same effect. If humans traveled to Mars, this would mean that the human race would not die out completely. Many humans in certain countries are constantly in danger because of the many wars in the world and terrorist attacks. There would be no wars on Mars, or terrorism because military weapons and terrorists would probably not be sent to Mars. Humans would be safer because of
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