Essay Benefits Of Urbanisation

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Register to read the introduction…People migrated in huge numbers from the countryside in order to look for jobs in the newly emerging industrial cities. Urbanisation is thus a part of the development process.
The process of urbanisation has been a great boon to human societies. The cities are as important as the agricultural lands and other natural resources of a country. They are the centres of economic growth and development. They generate skilled manpower like doctors, engineers, technocrats and nurses etc who are crucial to the progress of a country. Cities offer livelihood opportunities and social mobility to even the most depressed sections of society. Even the poorest of poor come to the cities with the hope of a new life and doors of opportunities opening for them. The cities offer medical, educational and recreational facilities and provide opportunities for career growth which makes a society modern and vibrant.
Undesirable consequences of urbanisation
Some of the effects of
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It brings together people of different regions, religions and socio-economic classes. This creates a more plural, dynamic and inclusive society. However imbalances in the process can produce just the opposite effect. For example, Manhattan was once a vibrant city of finance wizards, artists, middle class people and migrants from all corners of the world. It was this diversity which made it truly urban. However in recent times increased property prices coupled with city policies have made it increasing unaffordable to middle-income families and they have been forced to move out. Manhattan is now a polarised city of very rich whites and very poor blacks. An ideal model of urbanisation would ensure a healthy and humane living for people from all parts of
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