Benefits Of Volunteering

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Giving back is a way most show love to others. To volunteer means to freely take part in giving back to a community or person. Volunteering can range from helping someone with groceries to building a house for a family in need. Although most volunteer work benefits the person receiving help, there are many unexpected benefits that the volunteer experiences as well. Even though most do not expect these benefits, volunteering allows others to make new friends, explore career paths and provide mental and physical health. Like most interactions with one’s community, volunteering allows people from different areas to come together and interact as a whole. Working on projects or cooking meals can create conversations, leading to relationships with new faces. An article from Build Abroad states, “Volunteering provides you with an opportunity to get know like-minded people” (“11 Life-Changing Benefits of Volunteering That May Not be so Obvious”). Putting oneself in a situation with new people allows for new opportunities. That person may get to know others that they have never met before, forming relationships and bonds. Usually when one volunteers, they volunteer for activities they enjoy. Resulting in like-minded people all working together. Build Abroad also states, “You’re spending focused time with people who care about, and who all have similar values. If you have a cause that you both care deeply about, it is likely that you have other things in common as well” (“11
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