Benefits Of Wildlife Conservation

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Wildlife conservation Do you know what we gain from wildlife conservation? It is an effort to maintain and use natural resources that will be available for future generation; it is an act to protect endangered species from hunting (Yarrow 2009) .It is also the attempt to protect rare plants such as Acampe longifolia. According to the IUCN report 2008, around 37 Asiatic tiger have died in 2007 due to poaching, electrocution, falling into open wells and death by motor vehicle and unknown causes and the area of such unpleasant activities is India. A major factor of wildlife extinction is the greed of human however; even climate change causes anima death; the golden toad and the harlequin disappeared due to global warming. It also affects the…show more content…
We can gain a lot from wildlife conservation; we can get a lot of medical benefits from wildlife; in U.S.A. 56 % of the most prescribed drugs are from the wildlife , it is also said that a cure for cancer or AIDS lie in plant or an animals and might be on the brick of extinction (medical benefits of wildlife 2006). A country can also gain lots of tourist which in hand can also increase the money supply of a country i.e. zoo can invite more tourist and when a rare animal is available in a country many people have the curiosity to visit a country . Since plants are also part of wildlife conservation it provides oxygen, prevents. There are some steps in which we could help or be aware to take care of our wildlife: we should minimize use of herbicide and pesticide. We should also slow down when driving and not run over any animals’ .another more helpful thing we can do to help is to join a wildlife conservation organization; and spread the word of wildlife conservation and the need of it. Although we say the global warming is a harmful climate change and kills the animals, we can do helpful deeds and reduce the effects of global warming. We can reuse and recycle as much as we can so as to reduce the amount of energy; we should also increase the habit of afforestation and reduce deforestation, In conclusion I would like to say that if we are continuing in the same rate in helping our wildlife, we can find many new research and theories about our world and maintain the natural god given

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