An Essay About Work Experience

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Have you ever felt desperate for that one mark in an important exam which can change your grade? Have you ever imagined of going to a prestigious university, but you aren’t confident of your CVs and your exam results? Have you ever wanted to experience a profession but do not know whether it is suitable for you? Work experience is the answer! Do you know that this aspect can change your life tremendously as this can totally open up a whole new path and chances for your dream career, studying in a prestigious university of your choice with a scholarship? A cousin of mine had a few work placements before applying to a university, and he managed to snag himself an opportunity to study in his dream university and a job in the company he had a placement…show more content…
That’s right! Not only does it prove to your interviewers that you have a genuine interest and passion in your selected field, it shows to them that you are capable to put in the effort to learn and improve yourself. Nevertheless, it also gives you a higher chance to enter your chosen university as mentioned previously and proves to your future employer that you have experienced working in that field before. Therefore, a working placement increases your chance of getting a job during your study period, and also right after your study period. Not only that but this also gives parents a sense of relief that their child is able to support and take care of themselves. During work placements, you can also meet more people that will be of help to graduate. Who knows? They might actually be your future colleagues and you will have a more comfortable working environment after you graduate. You can have close relationships with those people as well, they can become your best friend outside of school. In other words, you are able to build relationships and get to know them better. By now, I’m sure that you have gained a better understanding of the different aspects of work experience and thus is convinced and would like to pursue a work
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