Benefits Of Year-Round School

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How would you feel if you had to work all year round? You would most likely come home every extremely tired and worn out every single day. Having to work every day all year would be immensely tiring and would give little to no benefits. Even though it would allow students to have shorter weeks, they would still most likely have work to do on those days. Having year-round schooling would only become an annoyance to students, teachers, and parents. I am against year-round schooling because it gives students little to no time for breaks, it would become an inconvenience to students, teachers, and parents, and it would burn students out much more quickly. Having to work all year round would bee annoying to anybody, including students. Year- round schooling gives students little to no breaks from school without counting holiday vacations. It does mean students would go to school for less days a week, however, this would also mean teachers would have to compensate for this by giving them a lot of homework over this extended weekend. Students would still be working during these days so they might as well have just had school on those days. It doesn't leave room for…show more content…
Having to deal with school all year with spread out and sparse breaks would become immensely annoying to students and would lower their performance in school. The constant work load would also tire students out much more quickly than traditional school years. Summer break gives students a good amount of time to refresh themselves and get back into school more easily, but if this is shortened or cut out completely, students don't get this refresher. Students on this schedule do still get just as many break days, they are just much more spread out and sparse. Year-round schooling just doesn't give students enough time to feel refreshed enough to want to get back into
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