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I. Introduction:
In the sixth century B.C, the world welcomed a new – born genius with open arms, that child was Confucius. When he grew up, he became a great philosopher of ancient China who founded Confucianism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2013). His belief raised a marvelous impact on moral principles of all East and South – East Asia, including Vietnam (M.E. Tucker 1998, p.1). According to Vietnamese history and geographic textbook for grade four at primary school (Nguyen et al. 2014). , in 197 B.C, Trieu Da – a person who overthrew Tan dynasty in China – invaded Au Lac (Ancient name of Vietnam at that time), and started vulgarizing Confucianism into this country. After 1000 years being a colony of China, Vietnam finally got out
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Following the synopsis of Confucius, benevolence means love, kindness, and spirit that someone gives to all people around (especially to family), and he or she has to do right things in the concept of ritual; propriety is the way people show their humanity, which also signifies ethics, awareness, attitudes to preserve and cherish the lifestyle, also ceremonials of nation and society. According to Charles A. Rarick (2007, p.25), people are expected to be good – natured ones with full of humanity, they should have traditionally valued dedication, loyalty and trustworthiness. Furthermore, not only should men perform their most beautiful sides of their souls and minds in their whole lives, but they also need to help other people to do so. As regards ritual, Confucius asserted that propriety existed among people and their behaviors towards each other (the five relationships), such as children had to retain piety for their parents, brothers and sisters had to build close – knit relationships, husbands and wives should love each other, etc. (Nguyen n.d., p.3).; therefore, propriety has become a wire connecting people and brought them together. With the perfect combination of humanity and ritual in Vietnam, for more than ten centuries, thousands of ideal men were born and dedicated to their country on many

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