Benevolent Dictator Essay

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Benevolent refers to good will or a strong desire to give light to something good .Democracy in my country is something we may unfortunately laugh at if calling it a democracy at all. The presumption that everyone is equivalent in the eyes of the law, or has an equal voice in the governing of their country blindfolds the realities of our continent. In the very light of this, I wish to support the idea that my country requires a benevolent dictator. A benevolent dictator may be defined as someone whose authoritarian leadership is exercised for the benefit of a nation and its people as a whole, in severe contrast to his self betterment, or for the benefit of a selected influential few. While the leader might allow for some democratic decision…show more content…
That persons interests are rooted in the well being of the country he holds the responsibility for. Because he is not concerned with pleasing voters, having a competitive dual with other political parties, or trying to establish functional bilateral relationships, all they focus on is the welfare motive for the country and its people. Assuming that a benevolent dictator being morally inclined and beyond selfish materialistic desires is hard to find, we can still keep our hopes shining since although it is difficult but not Impossible to find someone of that sort, fortunately history tells us similar stories whether you talk about Turkey or Singapore.Efficient and ideal benevolent dictators are so deeply involved with the cultural and other socially oriented functioning of the state, being well-informed of its problems and pertinent norms that he would hardly require any informative advice in relation to it.With the leader being so close to the people and understanding of their needs there is close proximity that is evolved between the two entities. Middle men are eliminated since the dictator wishes to directly deal with the problems of the people, rendering direct access.Benevolent dictatorships places unsubstituble responsibility on the leader since all the decisions of the nation is in their hands. This would in turn get
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